Zaterdag 29 juni: 18.30u tot 1u   &   zondag 30 juni: 12 tot 22u

Santrofi is a collective of celebrated young musicians known within Ghana's music circles. Led by Ebo Taylor and Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area band's bass player Emmanuel Ofori, are a force of nature deeply informed by vintage Ghanaian highlife music in all its forms - some largely unknown to the world ranging from the smelting soulful highlife sound that can only be nurtured by Accra’s afternoon scorch, to the riveting fast-paced pulse of 70s dance-guitar highlife, or to the other-worldly sound of Highlife funk, 50s big band highlife or the polyrhythmic beats and melodies that took Afrobeat across the globe. This wall of sound, although long lost and forgotten, is back with effortless ease and with a progressive edge like it never left.